About St. Kabir Institute of Pharmacy

St. Kabir Institute of Pharmacy is under the Management of PARSHAV EDUCATIONAL CHARITABLE SOCIETY(Regd), MOGA. The Aim of this institute is to transforming the society at large by imparting education to the coming up youth and to fulfill the needs of the under privileged section of the society by all modes of the disposal of the society . Now we need a new generation of youth trained in various disciplines who are self dependent. Independently viable and are capable of being the Instrument of change of society to order of the day . With this very Aim in mind P.E.C.S. has started D- Pharmacy Diploma in St. Kabir Institute of Pharmacy which is Approved by AICTE New Delhi & Pharmacy Council of India New Delhi and Affiliated to Technical Board ( Punjab Govt) . This institute is having its very beautiful building near Moga.


To help the students

  • To acquire knowledge and understanding of the basic Principles underlying techniques and methods used in Education.
  • To create an interest to develop Professionally.
  • To know and understand the international code of Education Ethics and to act accordingly.
  • To develop human outlook in the life.
  • To develop sense of responsibility.

President Message

Education is the continuous process of learning and skills during the course of life &personally feels that each student of our country must be given the opportunity to reach his/her maximum potential in becoming a productive member of Society. To produce such members are challenging and one of the ways that can be achieved by providing directly education to the youth of our country. With the aim of producing skilled persons in our country, St. Kabir Institute of Pharmacy has been established in the year 2017.

Vice President Message

St. Kabir Institute of Pharmacy is under the Management of Parshav Educational Charitable Society, Moga . This Institute is on of its own kind in imparting the liberal education, intellectual moral and physical on sound national line with a view to develop the minds of the students and to professional education for the needs of the people of India in Education.